Jibril Rajoub is in contact with Hamas

Things we learned about Yahya Sinwar's escape routes, his possible location, and the connection to him

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies

A Palestinian source reveals the conversation between the Palestinian Authority and Jibril Rajoub and Hamas, probably to make it clear that the Palestinian Authority has moves that allow it to maintain order in Gaza, and therefore it deserves to enter the Strip. The source also talks about Qassem Soleimani's connection to the construction of the tunnels, and about his two visits to Gaza during their construction.


                                By Mati Cohen                                            


Regarding Sinwar's location, it must first be said that the fact that he has not been caught so far indicates the sophistication of his escape, and the sophistication of the escape methods. In this context, it should be said that according to the Palestinian source, the tunnels in Gaza were planned and built by Iran, through Qassem Soleimani, who, according to the source, visited Gaza twice during the construction of the tunnels. Therefore, if the thought is that the tunnels were built patch by patch without planning, this thought, even if it is partly true, is not at the basis of the essence of the structure of the tunnels, and it may interfere with the attempt to crack the structure common to most tunnels, and interfere with the location of Sinwar and Def.

The escape routes were designed during the engineering and construction of the tunnels, and they include solutions that are outside the usual way of thinking about escape routes. At the beginning of the war we reported that there are two sets of tunnels, an upper one that reaches a depth of about 35 meters, and a lower one that reaches a depth of about 70 meters and the connection between them is secret and unique. Perhaps it should be added that the areas to which secret caves reach may also be surprising. About a month ago, a Palestinian source told us with a half-smile, that Israel should look for Sinwar under one of the kibbutzim, or on the Egyptian side of the Philadelphia axis (not as part of a transition to Egypt, but as part of the deception that was hidden in the escape routes during the construction of the tunnels). Since the tunnels were built by Iran, it should be said that they may have the Iranian engineering flair, for example, stretching a tunnel including double escape doors to places that a reasonable thought does not predict their existence, including under the sea level.

Recently, Haniyeh in Qatar made a statement that, according to the Palestinian source, was entrusted to him by Sinwar as a hint of the escape situation in which he and probably Muhammad Daf are also. The sentence was "The place of the prisoners is guaranteed". The Palestinian source stated that by this Sinwar meant to say that his escape routes are so sophisticated that Israel will not be able to find them, therefore the release of prisoners at the end of the war is guaranteed, and Sinwar can therefore focus on other goals.

According to the source, messages go from Hamas to the Palestinian Authority and from the Palestinian Authority to Hamas, through Jibril Rajoub. Rajoub is largely an independent figure in the Palestinian Authority, and Abu Mazen's authority uses him not out of desire but out of necessity. Rajoub who made an alliance with Marwan Barghouti (an alliance we previously reported here) is using Barghouti's deep connections with Hamas. Rajoub was pushed from the front rank of the Palestinian leadership in the PA, although he still holds key positions, and he sought a way on the one hand to threaten the PA through the alliance he made with Marwan Barghouti, so that it would not try to push him to the second rank, and on the other hand he made the alliance to that through Barghouti's strength in the Palestinian public, together they will be able to establish a new Palestinian leadership in the Palestinian Authority, in cooperation with Hamas.