The Palestinian Authority has tightened the conditions for security coordination and a Palestinian source adds: any change in the Civil Administration will have a response

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies

Below is a short interview we conducted this weekend with a senior Palestinian security source:

tipp: "Will the security coordination change when the right-wing government is established?"

A Palestinian security source: "I guess so. And we will also respond to any changes in the Civil Administration"

The source refused to answer our question about what the said Palestinian response would be to the changes in the Civil Administration (beyond the gradual cessation of security coordination)

The deep fear of the victory of the extreme right in the Israeli elections, led the Palestinian Authority, after the results of the elections became clear, to adopt the procedures of a state, as far as the security coordination with Israel is concerned, and thus to tighten the coordination conditions. The Palestinian Authority did not participate in the investigation of the double terrorist attack that took place two weeks ago in Jerusalem, and a Palestinian source told us last week that if Israel sends an official request, the Authority will begin an investigation. We do not know if Israel has since sent an official appeal to the Palestinians. We know that the new Palestinian behavior is in terms of a signal that the Palestinian Authority sends to Israel, according to which if the extreme right changes the terms and agreements between the PA and Israel, the PA will also do the same, and above all – it will change the terms of the security coordination.