The Palestinian wars: Abu Mazen tries to move Tawfiq Tirawi to enthrone al-Sheikh

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies

Three Palestinian leaders are standing in the way of al-Sheikh to replace Abu Mazen, and all three of them the Palestinian president is trying to move out of the way to pave it for al-Sheikh. Abu Mazen is not letting go of the task he has undertaken, and he is apparently determined to appoint his successor himself.

Abu Mazen's associates are trying to dissuade Jibril Rajoub from a future confrontation through threats. Here we exclusively reported that for the sake of Rajoub, a particularly brief threat was formulated on behalf of the Palestinian president's associates: you are putting yourself at risk if you run against al-Sheikh. Rajov was unmoved by the threat, and last week he even made speeches that are usually made by national leaders. He said on Al Alam radio (according to YNET's Einav Halabi) that the Palestinians should recalculate the course of their relations with Israel.

Rajoub is difficult to be moved, but it is doubly difficult to move Tawfik Tirawi, who is more integrated than Rajoub, his position is higher, his power is greater in Fatah, and he was even an associate of the Palestinian mythologist Yasser Arafat. Abu Mazen's associates cannot turn to Tirawi with threats in the style used against Rajoub, and what they are trying to do now is to get him fired from the position of advisor with the position of minister that he holds. Their hope is that his economic weakening will weaken his desire to lead the Palestinians after Abu Mazen.

The three individuals al-Sheikh, Rajoub and Tirawi, are members of the Fatah Central Committee that met this week. The issues of the day are on the agenda, but below the agenda, in the meeting's subtext, is the main thing on the agenda, which is the Palestinian wars, on the way to appointing a successor to Abu Mazen.

The Palestinian president believes that it is in his power to bring al-Sheikh to the president's office. But Rajov, Tirawi and probably also the prisoner Baraghuti, do not accept this assumption. As for Barghouti, Israel is apparently in charge of his life because he is a prisoner in an Israeli prison, so it is possible that he is indeed comfortable reaching an agreement as Abu Mazen's associates are trying; We reported on their desire to reach an agreement with him in previous issues; As for Rajoub, Israel can get along with Rajoub if he surprises and wins the struggle for the leadership of the Palestinians, but for Tirawi it is a completely different opera, since his power in the Palestinian political apparatus exceeds all of his opponents, and in the past, Tirawi, who was involved in terrorism, was considered the number one wanted in Israel, so it is reasonable to assume that Israel, which does not forget anything, supports the removal of Tirawi from the Palestinian political scene. It should be said that such support from Israel will not necessarily increase the chances of Abu Mazen's associates to get rid of Tirawi.