Net Iran was exposed, without the hoo-ha

A moderate Iranian response lacking military force (as we already reported last week that it would be), exposed its military and technological weakness. The support of the West and moderate Arab countries allows Israel to achieve its goals without attacking now

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies


By Mati Cohen 


Israel's war goals remained as they were before the Iranian attack yesterday, but now Israel's power to achieve them has increased greatly in our estimation; Beyond Israel's technological military achievement of intercepting most of the launches from Iran, an achievement that places it at least a technological generation ahead of Iran, the support of the West and the moderate Arab countries has also returned (with the exception of the tensions with Egypt, see story below), including the participation of the United Kingdom and the United States in intercepting the missiles, and the surprising participation of Jordan; Following last night's Iranian threat to Dimona, and the hint that it intends to shoot directly at the facility which, according to foreign publications, is a military nuclear reactor, Iran has brought the nuclear question into the arena of war, and this allows Israel to threaten a response against the Iranian nuclear facilities with the support of the West and the moderate Arab countries, and perhaps even bring through The threat alone, to a new nuclear agreement.

Iran knows that if it does not comply this time with the demands to denuclearize, it will certainly be attacked by Israel, with the overwhelming backing of the West and most of the countries in the Middle East, and perhaps even with their participation. A counterattack by Israel now in Iran could disrupt the new military-political order that was born yesterday. Iran's military and technological misery that was discovered yesterday will even encourage the moderate Arab countries that have so far suffered in relative silence from Iran's regional threats, to join Israel as Jordan did yesterday, and stand against the Iranian regime whose essence is religious in contrast to the civil essence of the moderate Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia. Last week we reported on the renewed coordination between Hamas and Tehran, and on the status that Iran acquired as a result in the arena of the abductees, therefore a threat to Iran which will be backed by the West and the moderate Arab countries, may bring the release of the abductees closer; The move of deterrence, backed by overwhelming support, may also force Iran to return the Revolutionary Guards from Syria to Iran, and cooperate in disarming Hezbollah in accordance with Resolution 1701, which was passed in recent weeks among many communities within Lebanon.

A tangible threat of a deep and wide-scale attack on Iran, with the technology and Israeli military power that was proven yesterday once again, with the support of the West and the moderate Arabs, may be from this moment until the end of the war, a sword placed on Iran's neck, a sword that will threaten the Islamo-Nazi regime. In this context, the insistence on entering Rafah and thereby upsetting Egypt, as well as damaging Israel's values of protecting itself from harm to the civilian population, and the insistence on avoiding the government of the Palestinian Authority, which is the sole legal representative of the Palestinian people, on Gaza, could spoil Israel's achievements, including its achievements following the Iranian attack yesterday.


Iran's attack yesterday succeeded in causing insignificant damage to the IDF base in the south, and seriously injured a 7-year-old Israeli girl in the village of Bedavi near Arad. The IDF's preparation for the attack proved once again to be well-informed and high-quality.