Iran launched an armed drone from its territory into Israel

The IDF tracked the armed drone that Iran launched from its territory towards Israel, before it crossed the border in the north

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies

By Gurno Meir our commentary on military and security matters

A security source said that Israel tracked the UAV that Iran launched about two weeks ago from its territory toward northern Israel, before it entered Israel's territory, and could have shot it down, but the security establishment apparently hoped to obtain such a UAV in all its parts, so that it could be reverse engineered. The source added that the Iranian ability to arm a drone is still limited in Syria, and therefore the aircraft was launched from Iran, apparently also as a test balloon.

The UAV was shot down without being damaged by an explosion, using electronic warfare, and was collected. We do not know where in Israel the UAV was aimed, but the accuracy of an Iranian UAV is well known from the attack four years ago on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.