Tension between Hezbollah and Israel, when the IDF fenced off an area in front of the hostile village of Adaisa

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies

Hezbollah claims that the IDF has fenced off Lebanese territory, in the village of Al Adaisa, northwest of Metula.                                        During the fencing work, Hezbollah also claims that an IDF bulldozer stepped on a mine. According to Hezbollah, after the withdrawal of the IDF from Lebanon, the area that the IDF has now fenced off is being mapped as territory that is not within Lebanon's territory, and Lebanon, according to Hezbollah, opposed this. Following the fencing carried out by the IDF, Hezbollah is now raising the tension around the area of the dispute. Drug smuggling from Lebanon and Egypt has increased recently, and it is possible that the IDF fenced off the area in front of the hostile village to deal with attempts to infiltrate and smuggle into Israel. Hezbollah claims that the IDF fenced off the area, fearing an invasion by Hezbollah forces. Both possibilities are about the same reality, which is described in different terminology. In addition, it is possible that Hezbollah is already challenging the new Netanyahu government, to test the response of Israel and the new coalition.