Marwan Barghouti wants Hamas to release him in a prisoner deal with Israel, on the way to a new Palestinian leadership

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies

According to a Palestinian source, Marwan Barghouti, who is banned in Israel, wants Hamas to include him in the prisoner deal with Israel in exchange for Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin. Since Barghouti would not have made such a request if Israel had opposed it, since his life is completely controlled by it, it is possible that Barghouti is even involved in negotiations with Hamas for the return of Oron and Hadar.

In exchange for Hamas's consent, Barghouti and Rajoub may cooperate with Hamas, and the three heavy power centers in the Palestinian public may bring about a revolution in Palestinian politics; The new Palestinian politics, according to this vision, will express a new balance of power between the new Fatah and Hamas, and will open, between the two organizations, an era of cooperation in the leadership system of the Palestinians. Such a reality, if it does take hold, will defeat Abu Mazen and the leadership of Fatah and the Authority in Ramallah, but it will also defeat Iran and Hezbollah and their representative in the Palestinian public, the Islamic Jihad.

About a month ago, Abu Mazen started negotiations with Hamas on his own initiative, and even sent an emissary to the Gaza Strip on his behalf. Now it turns out that one of the reasons for this is the attempt to block Rajoub and Barghouti from making a deal and cooperation between them, and between the two of them and Hamas, a deal and cooperation that They will greatly weaken the historical leadership of Fatah, and the ruling establishment that this leadership founded in Ramallah; the historical leadership has even become a social and economic status in Palestinian society, and it is mostly based in Ramallah. Now the said historical leadership is headed by Abu Mazen, his government, the top of Fatah and the top of the PLO. If Rajoub Barghouti's vision of cooperation with Hamas succeeds, this entire leadership will step down from the Palestinian political stage, and under it a new model of the PLO will be established first and foremost from which the other political structures will be cut: the Palestinian government, the Fatah movement, and the interaction between the new Fatah and the organization Hamas.

As mentioned, such a deal would greatly weaken Iran and Hezbollah, who failed in the last year to establish, through their representative in the Palestinian public, the Islamic Jihad, a new Hezbollah-like fighting force in Lebanon. There were two factors to this failure, one was the sense of Palestinian nationalism that did not connect with outside factors, Iran and Hezbollah, in a fighting Palestinian force that cannot be driven as a force by foreign mercenaries, therefore the force that Iran established lacked a cultural foundation. The second reason is Israel's success in killing the leaders of the new force, and arresting the others, as well as seizing large sums of money originating in Iran, and arresting key Jihad operatives in the West Bank.