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עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies

The war in Gaza ended with an unequivocal victory for the IDF. Hamas will not be able to return to being the armed and murderous Islamo-Nazi organization it was, not in the order of forces it has left, not in preparation, and not in the face of a new array of forces that the IDF will place in the south. Regarding its rule in Gaza, Hamas has lost its ability to implement its policy in the Strip. Its operatives still walk around in uniform (but without weapons), but some of the officials who take care of the Gaza population are not from Hamas at all but are officials of the Palestinian Authority. A source in Fatah said that Hamas has already agreed to join the PLO as a non-military political movement (see main article), meaning that it also recognizes its defeat, and its duty to change in order to continue to exist as a political movement (although as part of Abu Mazen's initiative to obtain historical American recognition, Hamas is hardening positions as the bad cop, and Abu Mazen moderates them as the good cop). Even if it is a tactic of moderation by Hamas, the agreement to join the PLO shows the depth of the defeat that the organization suffered. Why does Israel not notice the victory it achieved after three months of war? The answer is probably related to the first moments of horror of the October 7 massacre and the failure that made it possible. The fear that the failure will repeat itself will accompany Jewish history in the future as well. Now, the horror prevents us from noticing the reality that the IDF has created in the Gaza Strip; But recognizing the victory is a public duty imposed on the government and the army. Acknowledging its victory will allow Israel to deepen the discussion the day after and will allow it to prevent a critical political move over its head. Such a move Abu Mazen is now trying to embroider with the Biden administration (see main article). Acknowledging its victory will allow Israel to focus its gaze north on Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Guards, and the Houthis from Yemen. The genocide that the Islamo-Nazi axis embarked on cannot end without its destruction. It is not about removing Hezbollah from the fence, but about disarming it. And it is not a question of removing the Revolutionary Guards from the Golan Heights, but of destroying the organization that has oppressed Israel and is waiting for a second chance to destroy it. Giving up on the completion of the Israeli victory in the north, will transfer the decision and the war to the next Israeli generation, and they will have to deal with a nuclear Nazi Islamic regime, but mainly with the Revolutionary Guards after they have already developed the ability to mount a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile (we estimate that a nuclear bomb is already in their hands ). In real life, no one wants to pass on their wars to their children, and probably most Israelis don't either.