Inspired by the moves of the West that harm Israel's sovereignty

Egypt brought missiles into Sinai in violation of the peace agreement

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies

A source with regional importance confirmed the news that Egypt has introduced missiles into Sinai. The introduction of the missiles and the increase in the order of the Egyptian army forces in the Sinai are without Israel's approval and contrary to the peace agreement. A Palestinian security source: "We know about bringing Egyptian tanks into Sinai, and Israel also knows about it”.  A photo appeared on a social network of the introduction of missiles into Sinai on top of American trucks (a truck model that was also in the service of the IDF). We bring the picture of the Egyptian missiles being put into Sinai, after removing identifying details from it, by reducing its size (see below the newspaper's position).

The newspaper's position: In our opinion, the missiles were transferred to Sinai in broad daylight, so that they could reach a social network as a picture, as part of the pressure on Israel to agree to the introduction of the Palestinian Authority into Gaza, and the establishment of a Palestinian state over the head of the Israeli government. In doing so, Egypt, inspired by the actions of the USA that harm Israeli sovereignty, and probably as part of a broad action by Saudi Arabia with Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, is acting out of an assessment that there is a rift between the Israeli public and the Israeli government; US Vice President Camilla Harris even separated in her words yesterday between the Israeli public and the government of Israel (and thereby harmed the sovereignty of the State of Israel); The political and security establishment of the USA also invited Minister Benny Gantz to visit the USA last week and thereby separated Gantz from the government and harmed the central Israeli institution that expresses Israeli sovereignty. But the demand for direct and unconditional negotiations with the Palestinians is not a demand of the current fanatical Israeli government, but is the demand of all Israeli governments, and this demand has been supported by most of the Israeli public for generations. Despite the above position and interpretation, the Egyptian move should be Stripped of any interpretation, and must be looked at in its light: Egypt is acting contrary to the peace agreement with Israel and is introducing offensive weapons into the Sinai desert.


By Mati Cohen


We do not know the exact date on which the Egyptian missiles were introduced into Sinai, contrary to the peace agreement, but we have details that make it clear that this happened recently: the photo attached here was uploaded to the web on March 1st, that is, about a week and a half ago. Another detail that intersects with the date of uploading the photo is the words of a regionally important source who confirmed the news about the introduction of missiles into Sinai recently; We do not know if the Americans knew about the Egyptian move, but our assessment is that the US did.

A Palestinian security source in Fatah told us this weekend that the Palestinian Authority is aware of the introduction of Egyptian armored forces into Sinai, contrary to the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. The source added that the new forces that were introduced recently are not related to the forces that Israel previously approved for Egypt to send to Sinai, for the purpose of fighting ISIS. The source said that Israel knows about the introduction of new Egyptian armored forces into Sinai. The source added that he does not know about the introduction of additional military equipment beyond the tanks that are accompanied by infantry.

On December 31, 2023, we reported here on a phone call between Iranian President Raisi and Egyptian President al-Sisi. In this conversation Raisi repeated Iran's Islamo-Nazi position that Israel must be destroyed. Al-Sisi did not respond directly to the oppressor's words but replied that his position is that Iran is a stabilizing factor in the region. During the last year the two countries have warmed their relations. Egypt coordinates all its political moves with Saudi Arabia, which coordinates all its political moves with Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. We do not know if Egypt coordinated the introduction of the missiles into Sinai, with Iran.

There is a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, which was signed after the visit of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to Israel in 1977. This peace agreement remained for all the years since it was signed a political event, and it did not become a public cultural event of reconciliation. The Egyptian public's hatred and hostility towards Israel remained as it was in 1948, when the Egyptian army invaded Israel, to destroy it.