Hezbollah's missile and UAV site in Homs, which we exclusively reported here, was attacked early Saturday morning

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies

                  By Meir Gurno our commentary on military and security matters

The missile and UAV site in Homs, which was attacked over the weekend, was set up by Iran, and we exclusively reported on this on February 5 of this year. The title of the article was "Intelligence source: Iran is preparing infrastructure for UAVs and missiles in the Homs region of Syria." About a month later, we reported that Iran had left the website it had set up; About two weeks later, news appeared at the Syrian Center for Human Rights, according to which Hezbollah entered the site in Homs, and delivered medium-range missiles to it from warehouses in western Damascus. We have assessed here that this is the same site established by Iran, and it was handed over to Hezbollah. On March 26, we reported again exclusively that Hezbollah shot down an Israeli drone over the site in Homs. At the end of the week, the attack on the site in Homs was attributed to Israel. As mentioned, Hezbollah maintains a range of medium-range missiles at the site, most likely Iranian ones of the Shayab 3 type, which cover the entire surface of the State of Israel, and Hezbollah also maintains a UAV at the site.