Hamas's strategy or Sinwar's tactics?

Palestinian Authority official: Yahya Sinwar agreed to Hamas joining the PLO after the war

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies


By Mati Cohen


It is possible that Sinwar's consent to join the PLO, as reported to us by an important Palestinian source in the PA, is from the outside, and is made as part of his moves to bring the war to an end; Either way, if Sinwar's consent expresses a moderation in Hamas's political behavior, even ad hoc, it may bring the end of the war in Gaza closer: agreeing to bring Hamas into the PLO, may bring about a change in the structure of the Palestinian Authority, a change that the US seeks to achieve . It is possible that Sinwar conveyed his consent to enter the PLO so that the US would increase its pressure on Israel to end the war.

During Anthony Blinken's visit to the Palestinian Authority last week, the US Secretary of State demanded that Abu Mazen at least change the composition of the Palestinian government to make it easier for Israel to discuss with it the day after the war. According to the Palestinian source, Abu Mazen refused the request and conditioned it on the condition that the US would cause Israel to release all the tax money due to the Palestinian Authority before Abu Mazen would consider a change in his government. The US's desire for a change in the Palestinian Authority is therefore clear, and hence also its desire for a change in the composition of the PLO; We do not know what the American attitude is to the inclusion of extreme Islam in the PLO; but the meaning of such a change may also be the transformation of Hamas into a political movement, as well as the disarmament of the organization.

Sinwar's willingness, if stated as a strategic and not a tactical step, expresses a moderation in his positions regarding the question of disarming Hamas, and revoking its exclusive rule in the Gaza Strip, and it may indicate that Israeli military pressure now threatens him in a more substantial way. Sinwar has so far expressed firm opposition to both the disarmament of Hamas and the abolition of its rule in Gaza. Sinwar's stipulation that Hamas will join the PLO only after the war expresses, on the other hand, a tactical rather than a strategic content. The Palestinian source reiterated, that Sinwar's agreement is a strategic and not a tactical move.