Gaza will be a separate entity from the West Bank

Hamas is ready to disarm. Netanyahu is also ready to endanger his government. The obstacle to the agreement: a report in Saudi Arabia according to which the US will guarantee Hamas an end to the war

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies

By Meir Gurno our commentary on military and security matters

It is possible that Israel and Hamas would sign an agreement that would define the ceasefire as a stop in the continuation of the war in the legal sense, and as the cessation of the war in a practical sense. In recent weeks, we exclusively reported on this line that is taking shape between the two sides, and which promotes the prospect of a ceasefire agreement. But the guarantee that the US (allegedly) offers to Hamas to stop the war disrupts the delicate balance in the agreement between Hamas and Israel, according to which the war will stop de facto but continue de jure. It should be said that the report on the guarantee that the US will give to Hamas was not confirmed by the American government, and it appeared as a journalistic report in Saudi Arabia that was quoted in Israel. Such a guarantee, if indeed given, would reduce Israel's sovereignty and independence, and the IDF's maneuvering and deterrence options. (See today in the editorial)

Hamas is ready in an agreement with Israel to disarm, as we exclusively reported in the past, and is ready for power to be transferred from it to another entity. Hamas's demand is apparently that the power be transferred to Marwan Barghouti who made an alliance with Hamas for cooperation towards the goal of replacing the Palestinian government in the West Bank and Gaza (see the main story today). According to the agreement formed between Israel and Hamas, Gaza will be a separate political entity from the West Bank. In our opinion, Israel agreed to this condition, and the report that Israel will agree to the release of Barghouti to Gaza and not to the West Bank, is appropriate for this. Gaza residents will be able to move from south to north and vice versa on Salah A-Din Road. A Palestinian security source in Ramallah told us this weekend that a major historic move is now on the brink, and that the Palestinian public is waiting for Binyamin Netanyahu's agreement, and his participation in this move, an agreement that will bring about a fundamental change in the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

An Israeli political source told us that Netanyahu was already ready over the weekend to make a move with Hamas, even if it would harm his government, and even if he had to complete the move in a transitional government. As mentioned, in our estimation, the obstacle that stops or delays the process is the guarantee that the US intends to give to Hamas, which was reported in the Saudi press.