Arab organized crime is trying to infiltrate the IDF

A Bedouin criminal organization in the south is trying to buy IDF soldiers at the Egyptian border. Trackers and fighters were interrogated. Following the affair, the IDF ordered the soldiers to take off their badges when leaving for home

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies

As in any matter that requires cooperation between political and military systems, for example the case of the violation of Israeli sovereignty in the north by Hezbollah, the IDF does not respond to the Bedouin crime organization, which violates Israel's sovereignty by actually trying to recruit its soldiers to smuggle across the Egyptian border. The IDF does not operate because these are gray areas, between international law and the laws of Israeli democracy, or between military action and civilian action, and it, as the army of a democratic country, very much needs the Israeli government to guide it and give its action political validity; but Israel does not really have a government now; There is a promiscuous group that has decided to overthrow the democratic regime, and it is focused on its mission like a thief who is in a hurry to complete the break-in of the bank vault before the police arrive. This is how the Bedouin crime organization from the south is trying to infiltrate the IDF by bribing its soldier

By Mati Cohen, editor of the Israeli Palestinian Post

The Bedouin crime organization is trying to buy IDF soldiers from the tracker unit, but also soldiers from other areas of activity on the Egyptian border. The IDF is aware of the phenomenon, and so is the Shin Bet. Following the criminal organization's attempts to recruit serving soldiers, an investigation was opened by the Shin Bet and the military police, and a number of trackers stationed at the Egypt-Israel border were questioned on suspicion of collaborating with the criminal organization; IDF soldiers who serve in other areas on the Egyptian border were also questioned, some of them in very sensitive activities, on the suspicion that the Bedouin crime organization had approached them and tried to recruit them. When the IDF learned that the Bedouin organization was trying to bribe soldiers so that they would cooperate in smuggling from Egypt, in which the organization is engaged, the army ordered Soldiers who serve in units targeted by the criminal organization, to remove their unit badges when they go home; Another step taken by the army, in order to disrupt the ability of criminals to make contact with IDF soldiers, is to change the pick-up and drop-off point for the soldiers going home.

The mentioned criminal organization deals in drug smuggling at the Egyptian border. We do not know if the organization is also involved in arms smuggling, and we do not know if the same organization was involved in the break-in of the IDF weapons warehouse in the south of the country about two weeks ago. About a month ago, a security source in the Palestinian Authority told us that Arab Israeli criminal organizations are transferring weapons to Hamas. About three weeks ago, a very senior source in Israel reinforced these words and said that indeed Arab criminal organizations are transferring weapons to Hamas, and also said that the Shin Bet has a number of detainees, both Israeli criminals and Hamas personnel, in connection with a deal that has already been carried out.