Seven points of contention in the Israel-Hamas negotiations​

Hamas demands that the Salah Aa-Din axis that crosses the Strip from south to north be without an Israeli presence

עיתון בין אויבים

A newspaper among enemies

Israel refuses the demand for an axis without an Israeli presence and demands controlled crossings between the north of the Gaza Strip and the south. Regarding the characterization of the population that will pass, there is still no consensus. The transition clause expresses Hamas's waiver of its demand for the withdrawal of the IDF from the Gaza Strip, and it joins the waiver that we exclusively reported two weeks ago, for the cessation of the war. The demand for the cessation of the war was replaced by Hamas with the demand that the ceasefire be an agreed upon platform for negotiations on the cessation of the war. The information in the article is based on a Palestinian source in Fatah.


By Mati Cohen


(1) The key that Hamas is now demanding is the release of 40 Israelis, in exchange for 1000 Palestinian prisoners, (2) including 150 life prisoners. (3) Hamas demands to determine the names of life prisoners who will be released, including Marwan Barghouti, who became a political ally of Hamas as we reported here more than a year ago; Israel demands to determine by itself the names of the prisoners who will be released.

(4) Hamas has given up its demand for the withdrawal of the IDF from the Gaza Strip, and as we reported two weeks ago, it has also given up its demand for an end to the war, however Hamas is now demanding that the Salah Aa Din axis, which crosses the Gaza Strip from south to north, be without the presence of Israel and that movement along it be free. Israel opposes this (5) and it demands that there be crossings under its control between the south and the north, and any person who wants to cross the strip and pass between the north and the south and vice versa, will have to go through an Israeli inspection. (6) Hamas demands that the passage between south and north be allowed for the entire Palestinian population, but Israel only agreed to the passage of adults, children and women, and a Palestinian source told us yesterday that Israel withdrew from this agreement as well and is now reconsidering who to allow to cross the Strip, if at all. (7) Hamas demands that the truce period and the cease-fire be considered a platform for negotiations on the end of the war, and thus Hamas intends to undermine Israel's intention to return to the war. Beyond the contractual obligation that Hamas will be able to interpret from such a clause, the clause may also be a tool in the hands of the countries of the world to exert pressure Israel must not renew the war.